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We are known for great support and dedicated customer service. See for yourself by joining MBA Energy Group’s global network of valued partners.

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Markets change. Needs change. MBA Energy Group leads the way in a fast-moving industry by offering flexible services that grow with you.

Be honest. Build long-term relationships with customers and partners on a foundation of openness.

Be a leader. Outpace innovation in the energy industry by setting an example others want to follow.

Be responsible. Stand up for the ethical treatment of employees, customers, and the environment.

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MBA Energy Group

is a New York City based Energy Consulting Firm. We are committed to providing businesses with clarity and insight in today’s rapidly changing energy environment and the most reliable power supply at the lowest possible cost.
With over twenty five years of commodities experience, our leadership team has a unique perspective of where energy market costs impact your bottom line. Leveraging this knowledge has given us a unique niche in the marketplace, and allows us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients throughout the United States. As a national, full service consultancy

The following are the
rate options
available to you:

Full Fixed
(natural gas & electricity)

Fixed pricing offers complete protection from market volatility. No matter what happens, you'll pay the negotiated supply price for the life of the contract term.

Day Ahead + Retail Adder

With this product the majority of your price will float with the market for your region, allowing you to take advantage of seasonal and hourly lows. The remainder is fixed, protecting you against capacity shortages and hidden costs.

NYMEX + Basis
(natural gas)

With this product the majority of your price will float with Henry Hub NYMEX market price, allowing you to take advantage of seasonal and supply related lows. The remainder of your supply price (regional basis) is fixed, protecting you against hidden costs.

Interruptible Contracts
(natural gas)

For customers with duel fuel capabilities, interruptible contracts offer maximum savings while allowing you to take advantage of mandatory gas service interruptions imposed by your utility.


MBA Energy Group is here for you.

Current Available Territories

Locations where we offer Rate Relief Program

Upside Opportunity-Downside Risk

Just like the game of golf we practice with our errors and our success. In reality life as in golf we really never play against others, we only actually perform up to our highest individual potential.

Imagine two golfers playing in the championship match. One golfer has only three clubs, one wood and two irons but no putter. This particular player has great skills as well as technique and knowledge of the game. The opponent with about equally the same skills maybe even a slightly higher handicap is carrying a full bag of the best most finely crafted clubs.

Who will win the match?

Nine times out of ten times although the techniques and experience are about equal the one best equipped will prevail.

Not only will the superior equipment enable the golfer to hit more accurate shots and putt more precisely he/she will have more self-confidence than that of the under equipped player.

In the game of energy – procurement, savings and reduction - as in the game of golf knowing how to use a full bag of tools and resources correctly, confidently and effectively is the key to lasting success.

Employing us, you’re gaining the right equipment. We have the utmost experience and the most advanced resources in our trade. This will unquestionably open the door to your day, your month, your year of having one less potential difficulty to contend with.

We safeguard your project to be the most cost effective as is possible. Give us the opportunity of bidding on your next project. I confidently state, you will be making the right choice.
If you have any questions on how your capacity obligation is established or would like to be updated over the next few days, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your MBA Energy representative.